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Pay Per Call WordPress Plugin FAQs

pay per call plugin faqs

How much does the Pay Per Call WordPress Plugin cost?

One-Time fee of $495.00.  Full website, URL, installation, Toll-Free Phone Number, Life-Time Support.

How do I receive calls?  Do I need any special software or device?

All that you need is your phone.  No other software or device is needed.  For example you do not even need to be online in order to accept incoming paid calls.  All calls will ring through your toll-free phone number to your personal phone number (your personal phone number is hidden).  So as long as your phone works, you can make money with our system.

Does PayPerCallPlugin.com take a percentage of the sales?

No. You receive 100% of all sales and you receive the money INSTANTLY.

How do I get paid?

This is the BEST part! All pay per calls you receive are purchased through your PayPal account and you retain 100% profit. Unlike most pay per minute and pay per call services we do not take a cut of your sales. When a customer clicks to order a pay per call item you will receive an automated verification call asking if you are available. To verify that you are available you simply hit any key on your phone. The customer will then see a messages that you are available and the customer will be re-directed to purchase the call through your PayPal account. Once the purchase is complete the customer will be redirected back to your website and the customer will see your Twilio phone number and a unique calling code to enter. The customer then dials the number, enters the code and is connected to you. This means the call is paid for in full BEFORE the customer connects to you. Also on your caller ID you will see the Twilio number as the incoming call (this protects the customer's personal phone number as well).

Where do my Pay Per Call items appear on my Website?

We have two options. You can choose to display your pay per call items on the sidebar of your website, at the bottom of every post or in both places. We have included an incredibly easy to use website theme that you can customize.

How do I create Pay Per Call items?

To create Pay Per Call items click on 'Call Items' from your WordPress plugin settings. Next you will be able to enter a title, description, call length and price. When completed click 'Create Item'. *You can create as many pay per call items as you wish and edit, delete and add new items at any time.

How can I view my call history?

From within your Pay Per Call Website Admin Section you will see a link titled 'Call History'. Click on that link and you will see every call that you have received, including missed call, paid calls and verification calls. You will even be able to see the customer's name, send the customer and email and block the customer (if needed).

Will callers see my 'real' phone number?

No. Callers will see your toll-free phone number.  This is also what you will see on your caller ID when a call is connected to you.

How many pay per call items can I create?

As many as you want. You can also delete existing call items, edit existing call items, create 'custom' call items and track your call history. One of the BEST things about pay per call items is that you can create them whenever you want. For example you may create 5 pay per call items and keep those 5 items on your website all the time. Customers can re-order the call items at anytime as long as you are available. However you may have a regular customer that requests a special call item (maybe longer time). In that case you can easily login and create the pay per call item specially for your customer!  Our Pay Per Call System makes this process very easy to use.

How will I know when a customer is calling me?

When a customer orders a pay per call item through your Pay Per Call Website you will first receive an automated verification call asking if you are available (this will only happen if your call status is set to accepting calls).  You can add your toll-free phone number to your contacts so you will always know when a call is coming from your website.

Do I need to be an expert in any field for people to call me?

No. In fact there are many reasons why someone may wish to pay to speak to you. For example we have several people that offer simple conversation. You may want to offer advice on relationships, finance, dating, counseling, life coach, programming, etc. You can also offer general chat and provide an outlet for people to call that wish to speak to you. The possibilities are endless.

When do I receive payment?

Instantly.  When a caller orders a pay per call from you the caller must pay for the call through your PayPal account.  This means that the money goes directly from the caller to you.  Nothing is withheld.  You receive 100% of the sale and you will see the money instantly in your PayPal account.

Do I keep ALL of the money from my calls?

Yes. When a customer orders a pay per call item from your website the customer will be directed to PayPal to pay for the call. Only after the customer has paid for the call will the customer receive a calling code that can be used to connect to you. And since the payment for the call goes to your Paypal account you keep 100% of the money.

Your Phone Becomes Your Business

It is possible to have a very profitable home based business.  We have been in the pay per call business for over 10 years and know that this is a very profitable and fun business.  All that you need is the right tool and we have developed the only pay per call WordPress plugin that is easy to use and allows you to securely make money on the phone.

Our pay per call system is fully automated which means that you can sit back and just answer incoming paid calls.  You do not need to verify payments, send invoices or anything else.  All of this is done before the caller is able to connect with you.