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Having Someone to Talk To

Do you know just how important having someone to talk to is?  If you are like most people you understand the need to be able to discuss your concerns, fears and aspirations.  The thing is that there may be things that you desperately want to talk about, but they are things that you cannot discuss with your friends and family.

Having Someone to Talk To

Having Someone to Talk To

To put this is a better context let me tell a story of a young man named Robert that needed to speak to someone, but he could not tell his friends and family.  From an early age Robert always felt a little different.  He had friends but he didn't fit in with the group as well as the others.  This increased tremendously when Robert entered High School and he soon became aware of the fact that he was gay.

Fortunately in our society today this is not looked upon as a bad thing.  However Robert lived in a small town and his friends were all straight.  He knew that if he even hinted at the notion that he was gay it would negatively impact the relationship he had with his childhood friends.  Robert was also an only child and he knew that his family was hoping for a grandchild one day.  This caused him on-going issues with anxiety.

After graduation Robert went off to college in a larger town.  He was hoping to make some new friends and hopefully start a new life.  However he felt very isolated and afraid.  Robert was still unable to tell his parents are his friends.  Having someone to talk to at this moment would have helped Robert in so many ways, but he had no one.

Then one night Robert found a relationship counselor that offered support.  She was not a friend and not a family member, so in Robert's mind she was safe.  He scheduled a call and within minutes was connected to her.  For the first time Robert was able to speak the words aloud and confess all of his fears and concerns.  He needed someone to listen.  He needed someone that he could confide in.

That one phone call provided Robert with the release that he so desperately needed.  He started calling on a regular basis and over time developed the confidence to tell one of his friends.  It was a small step but it seemed impossible before.  To Robert's astonishment his friend was very understanding, even asking why he did not say something earlier.

Within a few months Robert was able to tell his family.  A lifetime of fear was removed when his family accepted him and told him that they love him for who he is.

There are many things that you may want to talk about.  Let's face it life is hard and we all have concerns and having someone to talk to is important.

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