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Do you have expert advice that you can provide to others?  Did you know that you can start a work at home business and make money through your own website.  Using our pay per call system you can offer expert advice on the phone.  Visitors to your website will be able to see various options on how they can connect to you.  This includes the call length, description and price.  As the website owner you will have a private administrative section where you can easily create and edit all of the pay per call items that appear on your site.

offer expert advice

When a customer clicks to order a call item on your website you will receive an automated call asking if you are available.  Once you have confirmed that you are available the customer will be directed to your PayPal account for payment.  The customer will then receive a special calling code to enter that will connect them to you for the duration of the call.

Worried about privacy?  Don't be.  All calls pass through a private carrier service which means that the caller will never see your personal phone number.

So what type of advice would you provide on your website?  The possibilities are truly endless and how you chose to use your website and services is completely up to you.  For example you may offer expert advice in finances, legal advice, fitness consulting, nutrition, emotional support and much more.

Once your website is completed we will schedule a phone call and guide you through your administration section.  We provide full website setup, free pay per call software installation and on-going support for the life-time of your website.

If you would like to offer expert advice and get paid for it please contact us.

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