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Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

We wanted to let everyone know about our exciting new affiliate program.  PayPerCallPlugin.com now has an affiliate program that can earn you 35% of every sale you refer.  We process all sales through Avangate which is a well known and respected software sales company.  To get started all that you have to do is visit our website and click our affiliate registration link located at the top right.

Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

Our pay per call software is amazing and allows people the ability to make money working from home while talking on the phone.  People that purchase our software range from psychics, fitness experts, financial advisors, tech support, popular social media icons and more.  Anyone who has an audience and advice to offer can earn a great living using our software.

And here's the best part; we provide full website setup and pay per call installation.  If someone buys our product they will have dedicated support from start to finish.  We assist in every aspect and no technical experience is needed.

Another important selling point is that all sales go directly to the customer's PayPal account.  This means that people that use our software retain 100% of their call profits.  This is important because there are a lot of services that offer people the ability to register and make money talking on the phone.  For example the psychic industry is a big market.  The problem is that these companies take around 50% to 75% of the sales profits.  In many cases psychics that work for these services make around $0.22 a minute.  However with our program not only will they have their own website but they get to keep 100% of the money.

Our pay per call affiliate program is an excellent way to earn additional income referring potential customers to our website.  You will not only make money, but you will help people realize the dream of having a home based business.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to start your own pay per call website lease contact us.

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